For those of you who have visited our mill, store and the farm, you understand our mission, which is

to produce and market the highest quality exotic yarns, garments, crafts and home décor items. North Light Fibers is Block Island Made: hand knit, hand woven, hand made. Additionally, our mission is to create a viable and growing year round manufacturing business on Block Island.

For those of you that have not visited, please come and tour the mill, store and farm and see our “little paradise.” We really enjoy getting to know everyone and making special products to meet your needs.

Block Island is a very special place. Rated as one of the top 10 “wonders of the world” by The Nature Conservancy, the island is a major birding center given migration paths, has fantastic beaches and beautiful vistas but more importantly, it is a fantastic place to visit and live. Approximately 50% of the island is protected from any development, so walking paths and “open” spaces are everywhere.

There are approximately 900 residents in the winter with well over 15,000 people in the summer! Given the seasonal nature of the island, most residents “live or die” based on the quality of summer tourism. Unfortunately, year round employment has been limited to government, education (The Block island School) and service businesses like the grocery store, bank and other select (very select) operations. Now there is manufacturing on the island and the potential to create items on the island for off island sale and use. North Light Fibers is working hard to build island strength and sales..

In order to run North Light Fibers, we had to actually change the zoning code (yes re-write parts of the code) to establish a permitted use of “light industry.” In fact, manufacturing or “Light Industry” was not a “permitted use” for the island. 12 public hearings later and a lot of work, we were able to apply for a building permit. During this time, we met with Justin Abrams and he agreed to lease us a building here on the farm where we could produce our exotic yarns and products. Justin, Rita, Seth and so many others have been great supporters and friends…….evidence of Block Island’s true character.

Our goal, therefore, is to demonstrate that year-round businesses can exist on Block Island. Economic sustainability is critical for the island and we believe manufacturing (Light Industry) can be one of the pillars of island growth. While our first year has been “good,” the next 2-3 years will prove that a year-round manufacturing operation can exist BUT this can only happen with your support. So, we appreciate your friendship and hope that you will visit our store on-line or on Block Island. Everything North Light Fibers produces and markets is Block Island Made – hand knit, hand woven, hand made. We hope you too will enjoy North Light Fibers. Oh, and please ask about the Block Island Weaving Center – we have one loom here in the store but a Center - that will be exciting. Stay tuned. 

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